Trading Card Upgrades

Here are some of the upgrades / special effects we offer to enhance the collectible nature of trading cards or if you are just looking to add that additional pop to a trading card.

Foil Trading Cards

There are a variety of foil options available:

  • Cold Foil – A spot foil application (can be on both sides of the card) where silver foil is laid down first and then there is the ability to print ink over the silver foil to make a wide variety of foil colors. This works best for lighter colors printing over the foil.
  • Hot Foil Stamp – Available in silver, gold, copper, blue, red, and black. This can be added to both sides of the card. The ink is printed first and then the foil stamp is added. The foil areas must be supplied as a vector file and only work as solid shapes. The hot foil stamp can only be added to silk laminated cards.
  • Foil Board – A pre-made foil board that gets printed on. The file should have a white plate made to go in the areas that are to be opaque in nature while the other areas will have a foil look to them. This is mainly used for TCG products. There are a variety of foil boards available from silver, gold, rainbow (holographic), patterned and more.
  • Raised Foil – Same as the hot foil stamp but has a 3-dimensional effect as it lays on top of the card

Lenticular Trading Cards

These are trading cards that have a sense of motion. They are printed on a special plastic lens and depending on the angle that they are viewed with display a specific image. There are a few lenticular options available:

  • Flip – 2 or 3 frame flip. Transitions from each frame to have a similar effect to animation.
  • 3-D – As you move the card, it will seem like you can see around objects with a 3-d feel.
  • Flip & 3-D – Both of the above mentioned effects together.

Spot UV Trading Cards

Best to be used for “blind” applications where you have design elements on a solid color or use it where you want to enhance a specific are on the card to “pop”. This can also be applied as a raised UV to have a 3-dimensional effect.

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