We donate a portion of the proceeds from each order to The Good Dog Foundation!
250 cards=$80, 500 cards=$95, 1000 cards=$120 (Special), 2500 cards=$195, 5000 cards=$240
NOTE:FREE SHIPPING on orders of 2500 or 5000 cards. Shipping costs for other quantities is $8.

Step 1: Fill out order form below
Step 2: After you submit the form below, finish processing the order with payment by credit card
(secure credit card transactions processed by Google Checkout).
Step 3: Your dog's trading card approval form will be sent via email
Step 4: Fax or email back approval to us
You'll receive your dog's trading cards in 7 days to the shipping address provided

Trading Card Creator

Photo Guidelines and Requirements:
Please provide highest resolution possible (max file size 10mb).
300 DPI JPEG files that are larger than 3" high
72 DPI JPEG files are acceptable if they are larger than 9" high
For Other File formats tiff, psd, etc. please email images to info@custom-tradingcards.com

If your digital photos are in pixel dimensions, divide your pixels by 300 to figure out the size in inches.
For example: 3648 pixels divided by 300 = 12.61 inches

If you only have an actual photo to provide, you can either get it scanned at a location near you at 300 DPI or
mail it to us to scan with a self addressed stamped envelope to return the photo to:

Creative Instinct, Inc.
Attn: The Good Dog Foundation Photo
227 Broadway #203
Denver, CO 80203

If you have any questions or would like to pay by check please call Gavin at 303.623.1880 ext 1